PROBLEM: Facebook is an important company and planetary development. Bloggers, reporters and analysts have spent countless hours contemplating its future. But the scale, complexity, digital nature and development pace of the platform make its behavior and competitive environment hard to predict, thus making it difficult for the public to understand the risks and benefits of interacting with Facebook.

SOLUTION: To put the best knowledge about the future of Facebook into the hands of the public, we’ve launched The Future of Facebook – an Open Foresight project. The goal is to synthesize expert commentary and public insights about the world’s leading social media platform into easily digestible, visually rich, commons-owned videos that can easily spread and generate ongoing public participation in the project.

There are many ways to participate in the structured conversation known as The Future of Facebook. Click here to find out how exactly you can contribute to a better public simulation of what Facebook is and what it is likely to become.

fueled by crowdfunding and corporate patronage
This project was made possible by a combination of crowdfunded Kickstarter donations and the patronage of Innotribe and the Innovation team at SWIFT.