The future of facebook is a 6 part video series exploring the impact social networking technologies are having on our lives. Using the open foresight model, forecasts have been generated by combining expert opinion with insights from the public. All content is licensed under a creative commons cc-by 3.0 share-alike license, making it free to remix and reuse, with attribution.

The STEEP Analysis was used to create six videos exploring the ideas and questions raised during the creation of this project. It’s not the end-all be-all answer to the future of Facebook, but an entry point into the many potential pathways that are open at the moment.

Add your voice to the mix by creating a video response on the futureoffacebook youtube channel, sharing your thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #fofb, posting on the project’s Facebook page, or putting in your 2¢ on our Quora questionnaire.

There is a growing tension between privacy and transparency. How much should we be sharing?

Devices are getting cheaper, smaller, and more powerful. What happens when technology becomes ubiquitous?

Social media is enabling new economic infrastructures to emerge. Could Facebook Credits become the first global currency?

The distinction between online and offline is dissolving. Are we building a real-time ‘global brain’?

The balance of power is shifting as the masses become empowered with information. How will governments respond?

big picture
What’s the biggest threat to Facebook? What strategies should they implement to ensure their dominant position?

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Charles Andretta II – BrainMatch
Mila Araujo – Perspectives &
@Milaspage on Twitter
Wynne Beers
John Bell
Iveta Brigis
Benjamin Brown
Dennis Winston F. Buccat
Dani Burns
Augusto Camargo
Stuart Candy – the sceptical futuryst
CC Chapman
Justin Chung
Judith Comfort
Mike Cox – Southern Planner
Jaime del Valle
Benjamin Aaron Dragonheart
Debra Farber – Musings of a Privacy Guru
Jon T Fisher

Richard Foxworthy – tunnelvisionary
Suzie Graham – transcendental traveller
Tom Greenlees – Essence
Michael P. Gusek
Magnus Handeland
Edward Harran
Ric Hayman – achurch & associates
Sheri Herndon
David Hood – Doing Something Good
Brett King
Henning Kjolgard – Mitte Digital
Mike Lee
Bill Lefurgy – Agogified
Yannick Lejeune
Patti Lenseth – Brabazon Agency Inc
Gerd Leonhard – Media Futurist
Michael Litman
Renee Lloyd – Lloyd Legal Consulting
Tim McAlpine – Currency
Gary Montrose
Bernd Nurnberger – Purple Pointr
Alisha Outridge
John Palacios

Oli Palko – WOPiTEC
Sean Park
Chuck Peters
Yoga Prakasa
Roger Price – Roger Price Photography
Donald Reynolds
Christoph Richter
Christopher Ritter
Billy Robins
Reihan Salam
David Sanchez
John Schneider – schneiderism
Robert Schwentker
Gaurav Sharma – Because We Think
Joe Shevy – dinkbit
Nicky Smyth – nickycast
Jay Standish – symbionomics
Daniel Stauber – what’s in it for comms
Guido Stevens – Cosent
Scott Tillitt – ANTIDOTE collective
Bert Van Wassenhove
Zach Verdin – the new hive
Dr. William J. Ward – Dr4Ward
Dan Weingrod – bricolage
Bill Welense

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